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Our Preschool Approach

Our Preschool Approach

My Playful Mind Preschool Alternative takes a whole child approach to learning. If a child is exhibiting behaviors or barriers to learning we ask thoughtful questions about the child, the environment, and the situation. We will adjust our approach accordingly until we find a system that works.

We have extensive experience with children with sensory processing challenges and incorporate a variety of multisensory strategies throughout our day to help keep children's bodies regulated and alert! We work with children with special education needs and those on the autism spectrum.

We are mindful to the challenges that children face in a group setting and allow them to integrate on their time with the support and encouragement of our team of highly trained professionals.


Monthly Updates

Parents will receive monthly updates on the skills and activities that children are working on. This comes complete with links to toys, games, and equipment that we use here at My Playful Mind. We also provide digital handouts of concepts that we teach. Our team is able to communicate with other members of the child's team to allow for a cohesive approach to each child's needs!


Additional Services

Children who attend My Playful Mind receive priority scheduling at our Upper East Side for any additional therapy services that parents may want to add to their child's plan. From 11:30-6:00 we provide individual occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and play therapy services.